The useful Business Application for Daily

If you are a business manager, there are many things to do in a business. A business manager is more busy than a businessman and a marketing manager.

There are tools that will save you time and money. The following applications will help you to streamline your daily activities.

(1) Newton

This application can be used to analyze mail. It can be used to organize daily incoming emails in one place and to distinguish between read and unread emails.

(2) Slack

This app is designed for companies and organizations. It is very useful for companies and organizations to communicate with each other. You can send message files in groups or individually.

(3) Grammarly

It allows you to communicate with your colleagues and customers and send messages, text messages and more. This is an application that needs to correct grammar written in emails and documents.

(4) Cisco Spark

This app is very useful if you are leading daily meetings. Meeting information can be sent to you every morning.

(5) Pocket

A useful application that can store news and articles that you can not read. Its unique feature is that it can be read aloud automatically, so it is very useful without having to read it yourself.