How to use your phone in a healthy way

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“Phone Precautions and Prevention”

“Visualization for Internet Use”

Use your left ear when using a mobile phone.

Listening with the right ear can cause more damage to the brain than mobile radiation from mobile phones.

Consider using the right side more often for right-wingers.

Reading at night through a phone screen (electronic device) makes it difficult to fall asleep. It can make it difficult to fall asleep.

The brightness of the screen affects the amount of skin-changing hormones.

Avoid screen reading at night.

Substitute breathing exercises and reading books.

Phone screen can cause side effects of insomnia.

Talking on the phone while watching TV and using Facebook can damage the brain.

Using a mobile phone in poorly lit areas can seriously damage your vision.

When the phone battery is only 10%, talking on the phone – using Facebook can be extremely stressful.

Wear protective goggles if you spend a lot of time in front of laptops, tablets, smartphones (digital devices).

Wear special goggles to protect your eyes. (Not ordinary power glasses) The doctor will prescribe.

Adjust the screen brightness. In a well-lit room, increase the brightness of the screen.

Do not drop the phone.


Turn off the heat

Do not expose to direct sunlight.

If the room is dimly lit, reduce the brightness of the screen.

Do not charge the battery with a different phone charger.

Do not rub the phone with other metals.

According to the eye doctors, every time you focus, move your eyes left and right for about 20 minutes and relax your eyes.

When looking at digital devices, use them at a distance of about one and a half feet.

Sit in the sun for a long time after using digital devices.

To reduce the sharpness of the screen.

Keep the screen clean. Sitting away from windows; Use of low voltage light bulbs; Protects against bright light, limited use, Get enough sleep

Remember to blink frequently as you focus on keeping the screen 5 inches below your eyes, not in line with your eyes.

Take a break for 15 minutes after watching digital media for 2 hours.

To prevent eye damage, you need to eat vitamin C, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids to strengthen the eyes and nerves.

Computer Phone TV. View from a distance of 25 inches. Rest your eyes for 20 minutes. After 15 hours, rest for 15 minutes.

Quit smoking because it can damage your eyesight and cause cataracts.

UV rays in the sun can weaken the eye muscles.

Causes cataracts – Wear sunglasses when walking in the sun.

Eat a healthy diet Eat dark green leafy vegetables such as salmon, tuna, protein-rich nuts and a variety of juicy eggs.

To get fat, a person who gets enough sleep needs eight hours of sleep a night.

Computer. Phone TV. Games. Disadvantages of constant viewing

Eye strain; Eye pain; Blurred vision; Dry eyes, headaches, decreased concentration. It can cause tendonitis.

Disadvantages of microwave radiation from mobile phones

Brain cancer, throat cancer, skin cancer, kidney cancer, tremors (Parkinson’s), dementia – Alzheimer’s disease.

Do not use radiation from mobile phones.

Harm to the fetus, children under 10 years of age (playing computer games can damage the visual nerve)

Do not accept incoming calls when the last battery charge is left, as the phone’s radiation rate is about 1,000 times higher at that time.

Do not use the phone battery while it is charging. Within seconds of unplugging the power cord, an electric shock may occur within seconds, leading to heart attack and stroke.

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