How to Boost Your Own Business By Using A Digital Environment

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Now quite ever, businesses got to explore the way to best serve their customers within the digital marketplace. meaning finding ways to remain relevant and keep their audiences engaged.

A professional development webinar series from the National Kitchen & Bath Association shows businesses the way to develop and maintain a robust online presence.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) may be a non-profit trade group for the kitchen and bath industry.

The series opens with Jim Nowakowski, a marketing and marketing communications specialist with quite 20 years of experience, notably within the manufacturing and publishing industries.

Mr. Nowakowski brings his considerable expertise in communications and business-to-business advertising purchasing patterns to the webinars.

The series began on January 10 with “Staying ahead of Your Customers during a Digital Environment.”Positive feedback from attendees emphasized Mr.

Nowakowski’s enthusiasm and business acumen, with comments about his material and delivery like , “his examples were detailed and straightforward to know , with stories that made some extent ,” and “he was the simplest presenter
I have seen during a while, very engaging and entertaining.”

“It’s always an honor to present my business topics to designers, showroom consultants, architects and makers ,” Nowakowski said after the presentation.

“When I received the feedback, i used to be thrilled that the audience walked away with knowledge they will use,” he adds.

The webinar focuses on providing the audience with information on digital disruption within the marketplace and what strategic tools can keep a business relevant and valuable in servicing customers.

For example, participants find out how value comes from differentiation, and therefore the importance of what makes a business unique.

“What does one do this your competitor doesn’t do? What does your competitor do this you don’t?” Mr. Nowakowski asks.

Mr. Nowakowski also emphasizes how business basics never change, even within the age of disruption, and reviews tactics on the way to stay ahead of consumers during a digital environment that has using advertising, phone surveys, and quality service.

The full presentation of Staying ahead of Your Customers in Digital Environment is out there for more information and extra webinars offered.

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